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(Part of Gabby’s need to share his thoughts concerning today’s world affairs is the assault on everything his folks raised him not to be.  Ethics, honor, integrity, honesty were values which carried considerable weight in the family and community.  Those values appear not to be embraced by Trump and his cadre of suck-ups.  Enjoying my life as a sober, temperate man, the luxury of restraint is often overshadowed by the need to pushback on the surrounding insanity.  Other bloggers present articulately and accurately the shenanigans being foisted upon us as governance and “fake news” details truthfully the actions of a corrupt, inept Administration.  That Administration is dependent on its support base continuing to bury its collective head in the sand or, perhaps, up Trump’s ass.  It also believes the rest of us are too complacent to respond.)  

NosireeBob!  Ain’t gonna happen.  Howdy, howdy folks.  Gabby Graywhiskers here.  I may not be the most eloquent man picking up his pen, but Gabby’s got a voice and y’all is gonna hear it.  Dangit all!  Don’t let them folks who stole our country lead you to believe they has got the answers and that us country hayseeds is as useless as the ole, worn-out bull standing out there in the pasture dreaming about better days.  Hell no.  They ain’t gonna get away with it.  The people of this country is good and kind folks living with a head full of common sense and righteous upbringing.  We was raised to be honest and caring towards our neighbors and everybody coming down the road, friend or stranger, was a neighbor.  Don’t let these nincompoops in the White House tell you that they is better than you because of the church they go to, the money they make, or the way they wear their britches.  Tain’t true.  NosireeBob!

Y’all need to get yerselves on the wagon and pay attention to politics.  What we have in DC is a catastrophe just awaiting to happen.  I know personally that e-mailing and calling my Congressmen don’t amount to squat.  They is gonna follow the money and the money leads to lobbyists and corporations.  Shoot!  What in tarnation was they thinking when they said it’s just fine and dandy that corporations deserve a 20% permanent tax cut?  Did you get a 20% tax cut?  Hell no!  What you got was just a smidgen of 20%  and it ain’t permanent.  Wake up and smell the coffee beans.  Yeah, yeah I know.  You is being bamboozled with the same ole bullshit that them big companies will create a “robust” economy and the benefits will trickle down.  Gaaaaawd!  Folks, the only trickle you will see is them fat cats pissing on ya.

It ain’t too late to change the game.  We can castrate Trump in the 2018 elections by voting in folks who care more about America, me and you,  than their pocketbooks and egos.  YessirreeBob.  Gabby’s gonna glory in the day when that there ole bull ain’t the only one standing in the pasture dreaming about the stud he used to be.  Every ole worn-out bull has his day of reckoning and someday Trump will be nothing more than rump roast.  Don’t renege on Gabby.  Pledge now to educate yerselves and vote for the ethics and values America used to stand for.

Stop by the house sometime.  We’ll set out on the porch and make 2018 election banners, maybe have a slice of Grandma’s liberty pie.


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  2. “What in tarnation” is a phrase we used around the house for everything. If we caught something huge on a fishing line and didn’t know what it was yet, we would say, “what in tarnation.” If the car started to make a strange noise, “What in tarnation,” if we tasted an unusual flavor, “what in tarnation.” etc. The good days 🙂 By the way, I’m posting the link to this blog on my blog page on “Infect.” What more than I say than that 🙂

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  4. larrypaulbrown · 4 Days Ago

    Thanks for the visit and comment.


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