Frieda pays a visit

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Helloooo, my dear friends.  Frieda Friggenhoffer speaking.  Gracious me, it has been far too long since Gabby has invited me to share his space.  Ahhh, the Lord’s work has been pressing in recent months sharing wisdom and Godly instruction from the Holy Scriptures with the homeless and hungry living in tents in the woods.  It is imperative that those dear lost souls recognize their plight is directly a result of straying from God’s Word.  Oh yes, they ask for food and blankets, but Jesus truly knows what their needs are. It is my duty and privilege as a faithful follower to supply them with spiritual food instead. God has provided for them an abundance of twigs, grasshoppers, and nuts in the woods.  Lordy be!  John the Baptist did it, why can’t they?

The Bible tells us that when we adhere to Biblical principles and live Godly lives, the Lord’s goodness will bless us with an abundance of food, shelter, clothing, and money.  Thank you Jesus!  We are destined to be prosperous.  Have you ever noticed that most of the world’s poor people live in countries that are not Christian?  Yes, it just stands to reason that those who profess the only right and true God will prosper and those who worship idols and gods named Allah or Brahma will suffer.  It is the righteousness of God  blessing those of us who are true and righteous.  Amen, thank you Jesus.

Additionally, much of my time is spent rallying support for our wonderful President who, thankfully, is planning to bless us with another 4 years of service continuing in 2020.  What a godly man he is.  Praise Jesus!  Anyone who is truly washed in the blood and born again knows that Mr. Trump was sent by God himself to save America from it’s  road down the paths of corruption and sin. Already he has given us a Supreme Court Justice who will overturn that unholy Roe vs Wade abortion decision which has led our country to moral degradation and unbridled lust.

And we are all praying that the marriage equality amendment foisted upon us by America’s first Muslim President will be exposed for its raw defiance of God’s law which tells anyone who will hear that marriage is between a man and a woman.  Oh, how I loved Anita Bryant and her tireless crusade to persecute homosexuals.   May she be sainted in heaven. As a God-fearing Christian leader said so eloquently, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”  Amen, praise Jesus!

I must also share exciting news from “Revelations Project.”  This is a wonderful ministry which enhances the coming of our Lord Jesus in the end times.  We all know that Jerusalem must be, according to the infallible Word of God, under Christian control when Jesus returns.  Glory be!  Our very own President Trump has taken a huge stride in faith by moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem and naming it capital of Israel.  Praise Jesus and may he come now!  Of course, we don’t yet have answers to the Jewish problem.  They will need to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or relocate.  Do not despair brothers and sisters.  Our God is faithful and will prevail.  Just as America’s solution which allowed Japanese citizens to relocate into the countryside during World War 2, perhaps President Trump will negotiate with Saudi Arabia to receive into its desert the Jesus-killers.   Oh dear Lord, forgive me for being politically incorrect.  But, the Bible says so and we all know the Bible is inerrant and complete.

Dear hearts, it is a difficult road we follow.  But we must be steadfast in our zeal.  Narrow is the gate, but we know heaven awaits those of us who battle evil and look to the day when America is once again white, Christian, and God-fearing.   Hallelujah and amen.

(DISCLAIMER – editor’s note:  Frieda Friggenhoffer is a remnant of Larry’s and Gabby’s childhood.  Referred to frequently as “Friggin Frieda”, she is a reminder of the pervasive intolerance and bigotry of rural 1950 American culture.)

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