Thanks for stopping by today.  The headlines report the difficulty which a government contractor has placed upon herself by leaking to a news outlet a “top-secret” document which she had access to viewing.  In essence it detailed and confirmed Russian attempts to influence our 2016 Presidential elections.

The significance of this document is that it counters Trump’s contention that there is no Russian connection, that American media is on a witch hunt, and that news reports concerning Russian interference is “fake news”.

At some point our government leaders must face down a President who is either grossly uninformed or a pathological liar.   They must ask why POTUS 45, the leader of the greatest democracy on earth, and the most divisive political influence in modern American history continues to deny a Russian connection which has attempted to compromise our election process.

Some of us see Reality Winner as an American hero despite her alleged law-breaking.  Many of our founding patriots were also law-breakers according to the powers sitting on England’s throne.  She has risked her personal credibility, her career, and her freedom to bring to light an apparent government attempt to escape the transparency we expect in a free society.

What would you have done?


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